The Challenge

The PGA in Australia wanted to capture an event they hold each year for their members.

Each year, Royal Melbourne Golf Club members watch the final round of the US Open, then head out to play a round on the course at Black Rock, Victoria.

The challenge was to capture the event without the expense or need for camera and production crews.

The Solution

A PGA staff member downloaded the Cinch Video Media App just an hour before the event commenced and with a few minutes of practice, shot this video.

The day of the event was very overcast and wet. Even in low light, the Cinch Video App shone through with great results.

The submitted files were edited by Cinch Video with additional music and graphics added to create the complete story.

The Result

A very cost effective package that was able to be used for member communications strategies, social uplift and documented the event for future use.

By downloading the Cinch Video App, the PGA found a cost-effective, readily available and immediate solution for creating compelling content.