The Challenge

Our client, Bodie'z Water, had a requirement for a video to be shot in Adelaide and edited in Sydney for their client.

The approved video was required to be distributed to members on the Cinch Video platform.

The Solution

The client had no production facilities other than our Mobile App and a small tripod. They produced this video using the Cinch Video Mobile App and submitting the files for editing.

Some additional App stand-ups from Bodie'z along with graphics and music were used to produce a neat information package for their members.

The Result

Once the video was approved, the client delivered the message on the Cinch Video platform as an vDM (video Direct Marketing) package.

From the integrated analytics returned, the client could see that the video was viewed by members and recorded a 76.69% engagement result from the campaign.

The product that the video promoted to members was sold out in days.