The Challenge

Sometimes the real challenge is working out the best way to communicate with your key stakeholders.

Production expenses for SMEs can put undue pressure on operating budgets and cash flows, especially hiring equipment or bringing in production expertise.

Until now, finding a cost-effective solution for video marketing has been difficult to achieve.

The Solution

This video was shot with a Cinch Video Mobile App in just 3 minutes and in one take.

The iPhone it was shot on was mounted on a regular camera tripod for the standup and hand-held for the cut-aways.

A photo in the clubhouse was used as a scene-setter and in less than 1 hour of editing, this package was created.

The Result

This sort of package is ideal for a simple and cost-effective communications strategy for members who may belong or people who subscribe to this golf club.

Contact Cinch Video to find out how you can start a cost-effective communications campaign to your members today.